Hurricane Screens

It’s like a “Bullet-proof” envelope for the home or business…

Preservation of your home or business’s envelope is paramount during a hurricane. Once a window or door is breached the envelope is compromised and the surging winds can lift your roof or blow out your walls, driven rain can flood your home.

Covering your lanais, balconies, entrances, windows, doors and garage openings with Hurricane Screens reduces the wind to a light breeze and the driving rain to a fine mist. Your home or business’s envelope remains intact.

  • Affordable Protection!
  • Latest technology in Hurricane Protection
  • Florida and Texas certified
  • Reduces wind and rain penetration
  • See-trough, no more dark rooms
  • Ideal for large, irregular openings
  • Coverts lanais and balconies into hurricane safe rooms
  • Store outdoor furniture inside your safe room
  • Light, compact, easily stored
  • Easily mounted, dismounted, deployed
  • Inconspicuous and safe anchoring points
  • 5 year warranty
  • Optional cover in several colors and white

Note: Hurricane Screens and fabric are not designed for long term deployment or as a shading or privacy Shutter. Shutter fabric is susceptible to prolonged UV exposure. Improper use will reduce performance and/or void warranty.